Puyallup Event Limo Service

What, never heard of Mutton Busting? Similar to bull riding, mutton busting is for kids under 6 years of age and under 60 pounds. The kids hang on to a run away sheep as long as they possibly can.

Saying the Puyallup Fair is famous in Washington State is like saying Paris Hilton is famous in gossip magazines! Tons to do, family friendly, and something you just don’t want to miss.

If you want experienced knowledgeable drivers to show you when where and how to get the most out of the event, weather the Puyallup Fair, a tour of the city, a wine tour or a chauffeured trip around the state of WA (think big, why not?) – Puyallup Limo Service is there.

Count on us. Dependable smart limo service is what we do best.